Hanasaku Iroha – 17

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Well, while some predictions of last week came true after all, other predictions were completely off the mark.

As I expected, the movie shooting was a scam. At first, I thought that the movie might really happen because of the various scenes Ohana and the others do, until I realized that too many details were off. And when the director later tells them that they’re going to shoot for real next time I knew this couldn’t be real.

Nichijou – 17

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After so many amazing weeks of Nichijou it was only a matter of time until the series will be a little weaker. This episode was genuinely funny and creative but the epic jokes and segments which you can only call ridiculous were mostly missing this week. Or it’s that this week’s level of ridiculousness didn’t reach the usual Nichijou standards.

Kami-sama no Memo-chou – 03

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The second half and conclusion of this arc proves (again) that Kami-sama is lacking any direction and focus. And where the first arc ended with a horrible and shocking resolution, this time the conclusion is silly at best where the yakuza are a joke as villains. I also didn’t quite understand the “brilliant” plan of Narumi and why it solves every problem involved in this case, including the yakuza stopping their treats.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni – 02

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I don’t know if I had drugs in my water or the second half really was that good but it’s been a long time since I was laughing so hard. The beauty contest…seriously…it was awesome. These were the five best comedy minutes in seasons (with the exception of Level E).

Mayo Chiki – 02 & 03

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I can’t believe it: compared to the beginning, episode two and three are much better. But don’t get me wrong here because that in no way means Mayo Chiki has reached a level I’d call good or great. Far from it.

Sure, Mayo Chiki doesn’t rely on stupid undressing acts anymore or a stupid butler girl acting stupid but unfortunately the series compensates that by using cliché filled stuff we’ve seen dozens of times. I also have the feeling that I’ve seen some of the characters a couple of years ago in a series, where the main character and his sister become butler and maid in a filthy rich household of three sisters. Especially the one eyed maid and the now non-SM master remind me of that series that shall be named.

Usagi Drop – 02

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Last time Usagi Drop had a heartwarming feeling despite its rather gloomy business. This time Usagi Drop is just cuddly heartwarming with a big smile. Thanks to that I couldn’t stop smiling myself. It was so nice and cute to see how those two start to live together.

No.6 – 03

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Wow, compared to the first two installments of this series, this episode is a huge letdown. In a way No.6 follows the same path Fractale did. That series also had a strong start but as soon as the main character went “into the world” things started to fall apart until I lost my interest. This week also made me reconsider my early decision to blog No.6.

Nichijou – 16

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When Kyoani decide to deliver they deliver…

Hanasaku Iroha – 16

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You know, the single thought I had regarding this whole movie business was „Sounds fishy“. I can’t quite pinpoint it for every detail but the one thing that absolutely struck me was the fact that the director would let a newbie in screenwriting write some parts of the script. The other thing that struck me was the idea of giving the employees of the Kissuiso acting parts for the movie although they’re no actors at all. Plus, there’s a moment when the producer had a certain look in his face when Enishi talked about old projects of the director.

Perhaps I’m wrong about all this but I have the feeling that the telephone call at the end (which is a nice cliffhanger by the way) might be related to the production, revealing that everything was a fake, got busted or something similar.

No.6 – 02

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Because of its short runtime of 11 episodes the series doesn’t waste any minute here and pushes its plot forward in a fast paced manner. Earlier than I assumed but still as expected the series did a time skip of four years which means that Shion is now 16 years old.

At first everything seems normal until we find out that the system indeed reacted to Shion’s behavior of helping Nezumi. He was stripped of all his elite privileges and had to leave his school and his house. It also seems that Shion didn’t get any other education because despite his age he’s already working in a mundane and boring government job of supervising robots (including a very creepy vow he has to say each morning).