Sakura Trick 02 and the Anime Industry in General

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Lo and Behold … Sakura Trick is about cute girls kissing, kissing and kissing.

Judging by the various reactions in the anime community it seems that nowadays cute girls kissing is enough to be called solid and fulfilling entertainment. If this were a live action series we’d be calling that borderline softporn with a stupid plot. But hey, it’s anime, so we don’t need to have good storytelling standards, right? Well, imagine any well known US TV series like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad or Mad Men having a plot like Sakura Trick does. Did you shudder at the mere though? Well, I did.

Now, before some argue that you don’t have to have Shakespearean plot quality in everything then I completely agree with you. Sometimes you need (funnily) stupid series to lighten the day. The big problem I currently see in the anime world is that less and less series aim high, aim to create something that lasts. Instead we get more and more substance-less fast food fanservice series which are faster forgotten than produced. These series are filled to the brink with cute girls being cute, shy girls being cute, incest, more incest, and then some incest, cute sisters, cute childhood friends, cute children being cute, harems in uncountable numbers, big tits next to bigger tits, massive tits, panties, panties being shoved in the male loser’s face, the “camera” being shoved into the crotches and cleavages of the cute and/or clumsy girlsĀ  etc. etc. etc.

If this trend continues I have no hope for the anime industry…No, let me rephrase that: If this trend continues I will pray for the day the anime industry will crash and burn. Perhaps then we might get again a large enough percentage of series having some actual substance.

P.S. I did not watch the second episode of Sakura Trick, I only read some other reviews to get the gist of it.

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