Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso 01

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Ok, here are some fast impressions of the first episode:

Yay, a girl chasing a cat for no reason at all. Way to start an episode. Does she go to school or need to do some other important stuff? It doesn’t matter, the cat is fluffy and the girl is fluffy. Moe Banzai!
Oh my god, the director tries to enrage me, doesn’t he? After hitting her childhood-friend (?) with a baseball so badly that he bleeds, the typically energetic girl doesn’t even think about apologizing
So where is this going? There seems to be some kind of dark past, but the ongoing stuff feels so badly generic that I could fall asleep.
Seriously? The characters are 14 years old but somehow talk as if they’re way older and wiser.
Okay, the main girl needs …

Sakura Trick 02 and the Anime Industry in General

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Lo and Behold … Sakura Trick is about cute girls kissing, kissing and kissing.

Sakura Trick – 01

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Holy damn, what budget could the director spend here? Apparently not much (I’d say twenty bucks) because the animation quality of this train wreck oozed of hentai animation standards. Yes, you read correctly. Based on this first episode I call this yuri fanfest a complete and utter disaster and you can be sure that this will be the only time I will cover this.

Aku no Hana – 01 (A Tale about a Controversy)

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Did any one of you read the forums lately? Then you surely didn’t miss the controversy regarding the first episode of the new series Aku no Hana. It’s really amazing how much hate a show a single episode can create in a passionate fandom. Strangely enough, I found the reactions utterly hilarious – and yes I didn’t take them very seriously (and probably never will). Before you boil me in the comments, please let me explain my point.

Mawaru Penguindrum – 03

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For the love of God, it’s only three episodes in and I can’t stand that Survival Strategy Crap anymore. As last week the strategy meeting starts out of blue, heck, this week we didn’t even see the signature scream face of Himari before entering the minute long filler animation. I skipped two minutes, knowing full well that I won’t miss anything. Sheesh…

This segment has become so repetitive that I was starting to cheer in my seat when the script finally diverged a little bit from the usual. Not only do we learn that Himari can now drink milk (*clap, clap*) but also that Himari still is a walking zombie with a hat (*boo*).

Nichijou – 18

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Well, it’s about time. We, the viewers, finally got trolled by Nichijou.

No. 6 – 04

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The best way to describe No.6 is inconsistent and not thought out. Let’s start with the bigger stuff I didn’t like.

Mawaru Penguindrum – 02

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You know, I was in inch away of droppping Mawaru Penguindrum for good in the first few minutes.

The beginning with Ringo in the toilet was interesting and even funny (where the heck did the sparkly stars come from?) at first so I got my hopes a little bit higher compared to last time. But then the erratic shit happened again when the hat starts to scream its catchphrase out of nowhere. This leads to the complete, ass long transformation sequence and then the same shit happens all over again, even the same animation is recycled from the first episode. Heck, they even reused her cloth transformations which in other words means that it’s nothing else than a stupid gimmick. Or the fact that the other brother gets tossed down the fantasy toilet again. What amazes me about this sequence is that in all that animation and colors the princess doesn’t seem to care to shed some light on what the fuck is going on.

Natsume Yuujin-chou San – 02

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Man, I really should stop to judge a book by its cover and an episode by its first minutes. During the first half I feared that Natsume Yuujin-chou might slip a little with its exceptional quality because the story little bit chaotic especially when Natsume suddenly walks over the bridge with the Arakashi in the middle.

Thankfully my fears were absolutely wrong because the second half way more than enough makes up for that and also connects everything that happened in the first half in a splendid way.

Usagi Drop – 03

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I couldn’t help but take a screenshot of this shot when Daikichi and Rin left for Tokyo again. The big hearted smile of the grandparents is just heartwarming to look at. I don’t know exactly why but I especially love the expression of Daikichi’s dad. It’s a little bit like “Dawww, finally our family got bigger and cuter.”