Hanasaku Iroha – 16

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You know, the single thought I had regarding this whole movie business was „Sounds fishy“. I can’t quite pinpoint it for every detail but the one thing that absolutely struck me was the fact that the director would let a newbie in screenwriting write some parts of the script. The other thing that struck me was the idea of giving the employees of the Kissuiso acting parts for the movie although they’re no actors at all. Plus, there’s a moment when the producer had a certain look in his face when Enishi talked about old projects of the director.

Perhaps I’m wrong about all this but I have the feeling that the telephone call at the end (which is a nice cliffhanger by the way) might be related to the production, revealing that everything was a fake, got busted or something similar.

Anyways, this episode focused on Enishi and with that we learn two important facts. The first fact is that Enishi and Takako know each other for a very long time, wy longer than I thought. The second fact is that he seems to have quite the crush for Takako, which changes basically everything regarding those two, especially the reason he always brings her into the inn despite her useless ideas.

Now that I think about it, everything might come together quite well next episode. You know, the preview suggests that next episode will also focus on Takako so she will play an important role. And my assumption about all that is this: although Takako is a business consultant she’s still hanging around this inn. In other words Takako had big dreams (as implied by her being all sparkly in the flashback) but didn’t make it. Basically she has nothing to be proud of or to be confident about so she compensates this with heavy make-up, a sports car, many English words in her dictionary and crazy but useless ideas (which proves she’s not meant to be a business consultant).

Enishi has similar issues as he quite openly admits that he has an inferiority complex towards his sparkly sister who tops him in almost everything. But as we all know, his sister left the inn and so he was more or less forced to take over (the “vision” of him standing in the pool might be a symbol for the situation of him being “stuck” here). Now, thanks to this episode my far-fetched guess is that his real dream was to become a movie director. There were many hints for this throughout the episode: He was in the film club and did finish a short movie by himself, which shows his passion for making movies and his actual ability to really do just that. Moreover, he still seems to be quite well informed about old and new movies and his passion level seemed to be raised way above 9000 in this episode.

And as you see, this setup is too perfect to be chance. So I predict that the movie production will not finish and Enishi will take over and somehow finish the movie, bringing together all the ideas of all the people involved to create an awesome shitfest. Well, something along those lines.

My biggest guess is now this: Okami, his mother, foresaw all of this, therefore giving her okay to start the whole movie production in the inn, so that Enishi can finally start following his dream. I base this prediction on one scene where she takes a very, very good look at the business card of the producer. The emphasis of this action is too big to be meaningless so she must know something. And when she knows about the fake production and the dream of his son, then this is the perfect chance to bring both together.

Well, that finishes my assumption post for this episode.

If you wonder why I didn’t write much about the rest of the episode, well, the reason is that this episode mainly was a setup for the drama kicking in next time and outside of the Enishi business there wasn’t much going on which would be worth writing about. In fact, the girls drooling over the outlook to play actress for a day was rather annoying.

(And I still have not one clue what the hell Ohana was doing with that broomstick.)

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