Usagi Drop – 02

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Last time Usagi Drop had a heartwarming feeling despite its rather gloomy business. This time Usagi Drop is just cuddly heartwarming with a big smile. Thanks to that I couldn’t stop smiling myself. It was so nice and cute to see how those two start to live together.

I loved to see how Rin began to act more natural and sometimes even childish in Daikichi’s company and how she started to show her many adorable faces and started to nag him about stuff like “When are we home” and “I am hungry”. It really proves that she feels comfortable around Daikichi and the awesome chemistry between them further proves that those two really are meant for each other. Their interactions also reveal many small things about those two. We learn for example, that Daikichi over the years of being single more or less lost all of his table manners and that Rin was brought up really well because she has them. I also loved to see that Rin is still a child who doesn’t like to do “embarrassing” things in front of other kids and wants to look more grown up.

The little adventures of Daikichi and Rin from buying stuff to the nursery school were thoroughly funny and at the same time down to earth. There’s no big epic drama but it made everything more touching. Especially the moment when Rin honestly feared that Daikichi would leave her behind in the nursery revealed that she’s still not over the death of her father. Of course, who would be after only some days. Daikichi left quite the impression on me for not only noticing that but also for doing the right things and taking Rin seriously. He’ll become a really good parent, this much is clear. The moment he swallows those…whatevers was equally impressive and felt cuddly heartwarming.

Usagi Drop really starts to grow on me. It’s nothing big or epic but the constant little growth of Rin and Daikichi amidst their little adventure called life is just wonderful to observe.

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