Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso 01

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Ok, here are some fast impressions of the first episode:

  • Yay, a girl chasing a cat for no reason at all. Way to start an episode. Does she go to school or need to do some other important stuff? It doesn’t matter, the cat is fluffy and the girl is fluffy. Moe Banzai!
  • Oh my god, the director tries to enrage me, doesn’t he? After hitting her childhood-friend (?) with a baseball so badly that he bleeds, the typically energetic girl doesn’t even think about apologizing
  • So where is this going? There seems to be some kind of dark past, but the ongoing stuff feels so badly generic that I could fall asleep.
  • Seriously? The characters are 14 years old but somehow talk as if they’re way older and wiser.
  • Okay, the main girl needs to be put into custody. After hitting his friend (childhood friends they currently are) inadvertedly at the be beginning she now hits him with a baseball on purpose and then starts to spew some nonsense a girl in her age would never say
  • Well, the backstory is messed up but interesting. Why didn’t the episode start with this?
  • But…that damn constant voice over. I could deduct the gist of the backstory myself without the MC retelling me what I was already watching. Geez, shut up for once, okay?
  • Wait a minute: There’s some truly dark albeit slightly melodramatic backstory in here thanks to the physically and mentally abusive mother. So why does this anime feel like some stupid, shoujou-esque harem-comedy most of the time? The comedy moments are beyond bad when you take the dark stuff into consideration. It simply doesn’t combine well. At least the anime Kotoura-san knew how to punch the viewers with a dramatic opening fitting the dark elements of the plot. This anime doesn’t care at all
  • Okay, I’m out. After some spats and some fairy-tale like sequence of the cat-loving girl playing some music (accompanied by much much pink and much much sakura petals) my bullshit meter went completely ballistic
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