Nichijou – 16

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When Kyoani decide to deliver they deliver…

Although Nichijou mostly went back to random segments about life’s trolling, the results seems to get better with each iteration. The coffee shop trolling was the first highlight. Seeing Yukko struggle among all those fancy bullshit bingo words was nothing short of epic. This segment reached the heavens, though, thanks to the counter girl who perfectly knew that her next question would cause yet another destruction on the customer’s side but couldn’t do anything else either.

If that wasn’t enough, Yukko had yet another counter trolling moment some minutes later. “Can I have…” “Oh, dear customer, give me a break”…LOL? Short but awesome I might say and epic trolling as can be.

But those segments are nothing compared to Mio. How she goes totally bonkers and knocks out any living creature that only *touches* her yaoi doujinshi is nothing else than epic. At first I really didn’t know where this segment was heading to when Mio starts to try being imprisoned but as soon as I saw the reason for her behavior…well…If nothing else, this segment told me one thing: never try to read a six page manga of a hardcore yaoi fangirl in the public.

As if that wasn’t enough, Kyoani decided to do a Lucky Star moment here and it got me totally unprepared. If you have seen Lucky Star: do you remember the one episode where the random jokes stop for a heartwarming family moment of awesome with Konata, her father and her mom? This time it’s the last sequence where Yukko visits Nano and Hakase. After many moments of awesome where two sisters have found another and Hakase shows off Nano’s various functions (flat out revealing Nano’s secret) it all ends up in a way I never expected. Instead of going for another joke, we see how Yukko just lovingly accepting Nano for what she is. “Nano is Nano”. Although I’ve heard this sentence so many times, it still managed to hit really hard, especially because it comes from Yukko. Seriously, that Yukko, the most airheaded of the bunch, helps Nano for finally accepting herself was so heartwarming and so unexpected that it really worked. I lower my head to Kyoani who pulled that off perfectly.

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