No.6 – 03

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Wow, compared to the first two installments of this series, this episode is a huge letdown. In a way No.6 follows the same path Fractale did. That series also had a strong start but as soon as the main character went “into the world” things started to fall apart until I lost my interest. This week also made me reconsider my early decision to blog No.6.

The problems start right at the beginning when Shion reads a book to a little critter until Nezumi steps in and recites some books. To say that this stuff is useless is a big understatement. When the opening credits started I wondered what the heck the first minutes were meant for. We learned nothing of importance.

But that is nothing compared to the whole wasp disease. This was the moment my blood began to boil because I passionately hate convenient writing that saves the main character under any circumstances possible. You know, up to that point it was established that as soon as the symptoms kick in (pain, black spots and so on) it’s too late. The infected person will die in seconds and a large bee will emerge from the neck. Now compare that to Shion’s case. In his case the pain kicks in and black dots appear everywhere on his body. But nothing else happens. It’s not game over for him. In fact, it turns out that all the symptoms were caused by a larva, not a full grown bee. But why did the symptoms kick in then?

Of course, to have Nezumi give the chance to save Shion. But you know what? At first I thought that Nezumi might have an antidote that will save him in seconds. But it turns out that my assumption last time was correct. The bee disease is not a terrorist attack, Nezumi doesn’t even know about it. But Shion needs to be saved, right? Otherwise the series would be over. So the only option is to cut it out, which takes some time (including some awkward “You cannot die” speech). And to have enough time to it cut the disease must act completely different.


This is what I mean with convenient writing. The creators tossed out everything they established before themselves just to be able to save Shion. I bet they will later try to talk their way out of it. That Shion is special or something like that. But sorry, it will be too late for that. The damage has been done.

I give No.6 one or two chances to redeem itself. Perhaps this episode was a hiccup of some sorts. Who knows. I hope that this will be the case. But I fear that the next episodes will focus on the slice of life of the outcasts.

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