Nichijou – 17

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After so many amazing weeks of Nichijou it was only a matter of time until the series will be a little weaker. This episode was genuinely funny and creative but the epic jokes and segments which you can only call ridiculous were mostly missing this week. Or it’s that this week’s level of ridiculousness didn’t reach the usual Nichijou standards.

Well, anyway, one highlight for me definitely is when the girls try to build a card pyramid in a true Fantasia way. Disney himself would be proud of Kyoani and if he’d still be alive, I guess this would e the moment he buys them. And although the overall situation and exchange between Takasaki and Annaka was more or less the same as last time, the increased speed and the trolling brother of Takasaki’s love interest made it awesome nonetheless.

The beginning and end on the other hand fell flat a little bit. Although I was cool to see a humble crow do the talking for once it lacked anything hilariously funny. The same goes for Mai’s trolling and for the first time ever I felt a little bit of sadness in all of this. Seriously, if your relationship to another human consists only of jokes and comebacks and trolling then something’s definitely lacking and that’s simply sad. There’s no other way to pull it because this time Mai’s attempts of multi-leveled jokes in every second possible felt desperate and nothing else. There has to be more than that and Yukko’s way of thinking hit the nail for once this time: why can’t we talk normal for once? So, after last week heartwarming moment this episode somehow was a disservice to Yukko’s character. I have to admit, though, that Yukko’s reactions were epic as usual.

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