Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni – 01

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Oh Baka Test, you never disappoint me, you awesome little gem of stupid.

Although it’s been some times since the first season aired I still remember Baka Test vividly. Well, who couldn’t. This series might nothing exceptional in terms of plot or character arcs. In fact, it’s quite generic and simplistic (classes duel for better classrooms). But, man, what it lacks in the story department it compensates more than enough through its sheer amount of crazy jokes and its bunch of lovable characters.

The creators knew and know perfectly well what Baka Test is and what its goal is (stupid fun for the masses) so they kick start this season in total Baka Test style. And I’m all in.

Typically for a second season Baka Test first reintroduces us to the various characters with names, faces and so on. Although it was quite full of exposition it was the perfect way to bring me back to the Baka style. After some minutes I fully knew again who was who and I couldn’t wait for the hilarious jokes to flow in.

And boy, I didn’t have to wait very long. The highlight of the first few minutes definitely is the narrator who in one scene flatly says “An old style school swimsuit. Wow.” Muttsurini comes pretty close with his epic nosebleed in the car, though.

The rest is even more hilarious and introduces us to the various character interactions again. Be it the rivalry between Minami and Himeji for the epically stupid Akihisa or the wonderfully bitch Shouko who tortures her beloved Yuuji each time he doesn’t behave. And let’s not forget Hideyoshi who’s the perfect trap.

It’s really hard to mention one funny scene because there were so many of them. Be it the safeguard mistaking Hideyoshi for a girl, Minami and Himeji trying to make Akihisa jealous only to go ballistic when he tries the same, the two idiots going on a hunt for girls, Muttsurini’s epic nosebleeds or the complete destruction Akihisa’s sister causes on the other girls with her nice body. “The beach has several injustices.”  Well spoken Mr. Narrator. Well spoken.

The moment when our beloved idiots Akihisa and Yuuji see Muttsurini being surrounded by the girls and their subsequent bloody reaction to that was another epic moment of lulz.

I guess the most amazing thing about all this is that the show managed to be so funny despite using such a clichéd setting. Baka Test in one episode easily blew out any contender for “Funniest series of the season” out of the water (with the exception of Nichijou, of course, but I don’t add that series to the summer 2011 bunch). It wins hands down. Moreover – and here it gets really nasty – this episode of Baka Test was even better in terms of pure fanservice than all the other early episodes of this season. Why? Because the creators added a twist and spin to almost everything. That’s how you make clichéd actions funny as hell, dear Mayo Chiki and Ro-Kyu-Bu. Watch and learn.

Take the setting of the dreaded beach episode as another example. This is the first time ever I’ve watched a beach episode where the main characters actually go on the hunt for girls. Normally it’s the girls hanging around the harem guy in the most boring way possible. But not this time. And what’s the result? All the girls go ballistic because of that, which results in some epically crazy actions (“Kneel” “We’re in the sea” “Kneel” … *kneels*).

After the first episode one thing is clear: Baka Test is back for the action and most likely will be the funniest series this season. I can’t wait to see what craziness the second season will have in store for us.

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