Ro-Kyu-Bu! – 01

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Wow. This is a new record. I watched the first episode for only two minutes and I already couldn’t stand it anymore.

Seriously, how many more fanservice and moe clichés can you put in two mere minutes? Not only do we get 6th-grade girls, no, we do get 6th-grade girls dressed in maid uniforms greeting their new teacher “Master” at first, only to switch to “Onii-chan” a little bit later. The reason to this whole moe extravaganza was to “Showing off our potential”. How maid uniforms fit to basketball is absolutely beyond me, though.

At least this idiotic setup proves perfectly that the only thing this series really cares about are cute girls doing sexy cute stuff. Like showering (including the usual breast groping), constantly changing or yelling “Oniiii-chan” all the time. What utterly amazes me with this series is how it relies on elementary school for all of this. The fanservice and more clichés are horrible enough when you have to endure them with high school girls but going with elementary school girls is just ridiculous.

Surprisingly enough, there’s some plot in all of it. Subaru, a high schooler and basketball player himself, doesn’t have much to do after his own club got suspended because of a “slight” indecent act of their captain, who ran off with the advisors young daughter. Since his aunt is worried about him and his situation, she blackmails him to start to coach a newly formed basketball club, consisting of those maid cosplay girls mentioned above.

The aunt of Subaru is nothing worth mentioning with the exception that she loves showing off her panties and occasionally sports some cat ears and even behaves like a cat. there’s no real reason behind this of course despite fanservice, fanservice, fanservice. If you put all girls together you can say that Ro-Kyu-Bu manages to merge all fanservice clichés and moe clichés you can think of into one series. With elementary girls…

Perhaps this series might develop a plot of some sorts and might even reduce the ridiculous amounts of fanservice. But that doesn’t help in my eyes. A series that so fully goes for the fanservice in the very first few minutes is no good sign at all.

Frankly spoken I don’t see any reason why anybody with a working brain should watch or even enjoy this crap. I will stay away from this series as far as possible.

It’s the perfect showcase of what can go wrong with anime.

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