Mayo Chiki – 01

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Holy shit that was awful! Mayo Chiki has nothing to offer we’ve not seen a thousand times already – and much better by the way.

So what do we have here? Basically it’s a reverse trap / gender bender, meaning there’s no guy dressed up like a girl but a girl dressed up like a guy (reverse Maria Holic). Then there’s the protagonist who cannot touch women, otherwise he gets some kind of allergic reaction (Girls Bravo). The protagonist has a violent sister who wakes him up in the morning (Pick anything you like). Of course, both live alone in a big house (Too many to mention). And then there’s the master girl of said butler girl who has a hidden side to her (Pick anything you like, like Ami from ToraDora). This hidden side of her is that she’s sadistic (MM!).

Add to that a busty girl wearing nekomimi for no apparent reason and the usual “Kyaaaaaaaaa!” master and servant get from the fangirls.

I really don’t want to waste anymore time in reviewing this shitfest, but there are three things I have to mention.

The first thing is: unlocked bathroom stall. Seriously, I couldn’t wrap my mind around this. When you’re a girl pretending to be a guy (and you’re doing everything to keep it that way) AND YOU HEAR A GUY IN THE §!$%§$& BATHROOM…why don’t you lock up your stall? Did I miss here something or is the butler girl simply stupid? Or even brainless? Who can you blame when you’re unable and too stupid to lock you goddamn bathroom stall? It’s not that hard to do! But it gets even better because after the butler girl’s been seen cat panties down, she gets all violent blaming HIM for seeing her. WTF!!!! How could he possibly know this stupid butler girl is in there? HOW? Did he unlock the stall? NOPE! Did she make a sound so he does know she’s in there? NOPE!! Seriously, if I were this guy, I’d plaster the whole school with her true gender! She doesn’t deserve any better.

But that scene pales in comparison to the shitfest moment of epical proportions to the second thing I have to mention: the scene in the biological storage room where our lovable protagonist is able to undress stupid butler girl in one swift motion. IN ONE SECOND! We all know that normally the guy simply grabs a boob to get a nice warm touch and then gets a good kick in his ass. But not this time, however. This time he (1) unbuckles her belt, (2) unbuttons her pants, (3) unzips her pants, (4) pulls her pants it slightly down, (5) unbuttons her complex vest, (6) spreads her vest, (7) partly unbuttons her shirt, (8) moves her shirt up and (9) moves her tie out of the way before (10) going full touchy-touch with her boob…


And then there’s the third thing which is the scene right at the end where it turns out that the stupid butler girl will – of course – stay at our protagonist’s house. Allegedly to watch over him for whatever reason. And of course we learn this when he unknowingly walks into the bathroom only to see stupid butler girl naked again. And as usual it’s HIS FAULT AGAIN although nobody told him about the little fact that another girl is in the house. Why should anyone tell him anyway, because this is in no way important to anyone it seems.

I know that fanservice series have not much brain to show off in the first place but this level of brainless fanservice stupidity is beyond anything I’ve seen in seasons.

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