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Well, it’s about time. We, the viewers, finally got trolled by Nichijou.

It took only 18 episodes but I have to admit that Nichijou did it pretty well. If you’re wondering, I’m talking about the segment about the girl who travels to the library. I had many things in my mind but the punch at the end hit me (and her I guess) out of the blue. That was really well done and I think I had the same dumbfounded expression as Yuuko. That was viewer trolling on a high level but why am I praising them? Kyoani knows that business very well after Endless Eight a.k.a The Trolling Horror.

Other than that I wouldn’t call this week a highlight as the recent weeks. Nichijou “finally” went back to its random segments without any connection whatsoever. Some jokes were niche and others weren’t. Besides the Starbucks incident where Yuuko’s plan totally backfired on her, I liked her Trip of Embarrassment and how tsundere’s sister is on the verge of dying from holding her laughter.

Oh yeah, the explosive tsundere with her trigger happy finger who we haven’t seen for a while. Okay, her being tsundere around Sasahara (why do I know him? Is it the goat?) was okay but her being tsundere in front of her sister was really cute somehow. And boy, how her sister trolled her by forcing her into a corner was nasty but funny. I’d never have guessed you can call the universe as an excuse but, well, it’s cute when it’s not accompanied by lethal weapons.

Although it was not a laugh out loud moment I cheered for the animation team to finally troll Mio. At least I hope she felt trolled but perhaps she was snickering in her helmet for again trolling Yukko. Who knows.

The segment about biscuit boy #2 was anything but funny in the end because here we see a rather harsh personality trait of Hakase which is forgetting her inventions even if they are A.I.s  Also her reason for creating him was anything but noble so her character got a nice dose of childish darkness.

The final segment about princess Leia Starla and her legion of doom fun had some nice short moments but overall felt a little bit too dragged out. They should’ve cut out half of it and start short before the guard has to snicker (Oh, Monty Python, I so love you for inventing this), because that’s the moment where it really begins to get funny. But I really, really wonder: what’s still left of Mio’s head you can replace after that? I’ve got no clue.

Well, this week of Nichijou was nice to relax but compared to last weeks and their powerful and hilarious moments nothing special.

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  • Loved the scene with Yuuko being trolled by the little girl. 😀

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