Blood-C – 02

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I still haven’t got a gundamn clue about anything. Where do the monsters come from? What are they precisely? Why must Saya fight them? Why is Saya the way she is? Who’s the main antagonist? What’s the overall goal? Why should I care about all of this?

The fights at the beginning and the end serve no real purpose with the exception of showing us at least a little bit of action. They’re not connected to anything that happens in the rest of the story. Not surprisingly the rest story isn’t connected to the fights at all. Saya doesn’t think about the fights, isn’t talking or angsting about them. It’s as if two series were patched together without any common theme or setting.

The horror about all this is that in light of the intense fights everything else becomes boring, bland and forgettable. Who cares about Saya singing, eating dessert in the morning and Saya’s school time where she’s yet again talking about food, this time bentos and this gimauve thing? Does this have any relevance at all? I guess not because I doubt Saya will win against a monster by throwing a dessert or a bento at it.

Almost everything is pure filler material that even isn’t interesting enough to flesh out the characters. Or did you learn something new about them? I didn’t. The twins still talk synchronously (you know, like in xxxHolic), the bishie guy is still passively head over heels for Saya, Saya is still an airhead and the cool bishie is still the Shoujou type of silent cool (you know, like Doumeki from xxxHolic).

To make matters worse, everything is presented in the most unimaginable way possible. The camera angles are flat, the colors are flat and the pacing is flat. Not only the characters but literally everything screams boredom. The topping on the icing is the animation which is so shitty it becomes hard to watch. It’s as if Kyoani never happened and we’re still in the early 2000s.

By the way: did you notice something? Besides our talking characters there’s no one else in that school although it has quite the epic size for such a small village. In one shot we can even see the whole school ground and there is no one else to be seen. It’s empty it seems. Heck there’s even not one single noise of other people walking or talking or doing something. The same goes for the rest of the village which seems to be completely abandoned. I often heard of tight animation budgets but that is ridiculous.

thanks to forty minutes of wasted lifetime I can safely guess that Blood-C is nothing else than a complete trainwreck in the making. It lacks any drive, any gravitas, any pacing and everything else that would make this series even slightly interesting.

CLAMP didn’t put any serious work into this show and therefore I take the freedom to not waste my time with it any longer.

Blood-C: Dropped.

Edit: I just watched the third episode out of curiosity to see if the writers again follow the same formula as last week. And guess what, they did. It’s amazing how so many characters can talk so long about food.

But that pales to the end  fight. What the fuck happened there? I still can’t believe what I saw there. So she follows the bakery dude to see…well, whatever she wants to see I guess because she doesn’t do anything at first. Even when the poor dude gets murdered by the train monster she fucking doesn’t do anything! I can’t believe it! What the fuck happened here? This isn’t bad writing anymore, this is retarded writing! Who came up with this shit?! If she doesn’t care about a single human who gets killed right in front of her then why the fuck is she fighting those monsters at all? Let them have their meal and be done with it.

This show is so seriously retarded that “trainwreck” is a compliment. I’ m really glad I’ve dropped this shitty show.

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