Kami-sama no Memo-chou – 02

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I’m on the verge of dropping this series. This episode combined the worst parts of the first episode with the worst cliché I’ve come to hate with a passion: doing not what everybody tells you to do. This episode almost completely destroyed my hopes that this series might become really good.

So, can anyone tell me what’s so special about this series? I seriously can’t.

Alice is her usual self, epically annoying me again with her pretentious bullshitting. Seriously, I can’t stand a young girl who’s talking as if she’s seen the world already. Some might argue she has through her computers but I disagree. She didn’t. Period. Anyone can sit in front of a computer and talk about how the world is and pretend to be a genius. For crying out loud, half of the internet consists of such people.

Did she do anything special up to now? Nope. Her hacking skills are ridiculous and nothing else. Anyone who slightly knows about computers knows this. Heck, she seems to have downloaded all databases from all of Japan onto her computers and opens them as if it’s nothing special. Her deductions are on the level of Gosick, appearing out from nowhere without any big hints whatsoever. Is it impressive? Sure! Is it ridiculous? Absolutely!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Alice in a nutshell. The second main character of this series. The genius girl who uses a bear head as a mouse pointer.

As if Alice wasn’t enough the creators add yet another annoying girl to the mix: Meo. This girl combines basically everything bad you know about the typically naïve and stupid anime girl. Besides her seriously telling everyone she never looked inside the bag she topped everything this season by calling someone you must not call at all costs.

This was the moment where I lost all hopes for this series. It’s precisely this cliché and stupid setup that perfectly shows that neither the Mangaka nor the producers have an ounce of writing talent. Otherwise they wouldn’t have relied in this crap.

You can also smell their lack of talent in the amazing amount of filler material added everywhere. Take the coke scene for example. Filler. Sure, it fleshes out the characters a little bit but…well, it is filler. Then there’s the nickname stuff with Meo. Filler. Pure filler. Alice sums up my feelings pretty well this time with her sarcastic “Don’t waste my precious time on something so trivial” (thank you JC Staff for not cutting that out, then). This continues for pretty much the whole episode where rather important stuff is mixed in between useless filler material. Three other examples are Meo moving in the room, the PC virus incident and the fanservice that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Oh yeah, and the animation quality also seems to make a nosedive.

Kamisama has to deliver some amazing stuff next episode to make up for all of this.

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