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This episode is so full of win. I can’t even decide which moment was the most awesome. Seriously, if Kyoani decide to deliver, they do it and in terms of comedy they blow out every other “comedy” series of this season out of the water. If nothing else, this episode is proof of it (and the last three episodes).

It starts with a highlight already, when Nano’s epically trolling all three other girls despite not even trying to be trolling. I was so rofling hard when Nano pulled out her abacus and wasn’t even able to use it, switching back to using paper. I was also loving the fact that Mio at first doesn’t want to check whether Nano’s a robot…only to be fully involved in the following attempt to expose her true identity. Compared to the two idiots, Mai’s direct approach to give her a can of engine oil is on a whole other level of epic, though.

I also loved the moment when the science teacher basically trolls herself. I knew what was happening. I knew that she’d drink her tranquilized coffee but alone for the fact that someone falls for his own trap in one minute is so epic that you have to love it. Dear Hollywood, this is how you make a small but awesome joke about the well used cliché. Okay, when she pulls out her stun gun I immediately thought of The World God Only Knows so I assume she at least read the manga.

Although everything somehow returned to its rather erratic way of advancing its plot there’s still a major theme that holds everything together. This time it’s Nano’s key (again) but whereas Nano’s up to now always was on the receiving end of the trolling, she now has a soft ball gun and knows how to use it. I can’t quite decide what’s cuter; Hakase’s “Tehe moment”, Nano’s firing thousands of soft balls at Hakase or Hakase lying on the floor with an increasing amount of clouds of smoke each time Nano decides to give her another round. Despite being so young I somehow get the feeling that Hakase’s not only an epic troll but also sarcastic. Why should she build a robot if not for her trolling. In any case I love the slightly changed back and forth between the two and I seriously hope that Nano will continue to backtroll Hakase.

Okay, although I wrote that I don’t know which scene was the best this time I now have made my decision. The best scene by far is when Takasaki-sensei is panicking over Sakurai-sensei in the most over the top way possible. Each single reaction of him is so full of win, especially when his imagination runs wild and he goes “Yes! Win! Wait! Idiot!”. God I wish I had a teacher this funny. Nevertheless, the highlight of this scene definitely is when Annaka turns up to tell him about Mohawk-student. Oh God I so loved how he tries to talk his way out so he can follow his beloved one which results in the most epic spiral of escalation I’ve seen in a while. Seriously, I cannot think of anything that would top this: “His pupils aren’t visible anymore” – “Draw them in” – “I’ll try it”. Of course, each time interrupted by a long and over the top “Eeeeeeeh” I might add.

The icing on the cake of this scene is the finish when it turns out that the guy Sakurai-sensei is talking to is her younger brother. From full, over the top panic to a cool thumbs up – in a split second. Takasaki-sensei is full of win. As is this scene.

And although it’s totally random and ruins the flow of the teacher sequence a little bit I still laughed hard when Mai’s dog went nuts for a second and jumps into the river. Man, I sure know of those urges…

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