Ikoku Meiro no Croisèe – 02

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It’s the small things that can make big differences, too.

In any case, the cute level in this slice of life show sure surpassed the 9000 here, especially when Yune goes all sparkly when she eats a warm baguette. Or when she tries cheese for the first time and is surprised by the fact how simple French (or for that matter European) breakfast normally is compared to the Japanese cuisine. In a way you could say that the Japanese habit of making warm breakfast is as complex as their writing system.

As the first episode already made clear, Ikoku has not that much plot each episode. This episode mainly deals with French food and eating habits so you could say that it almost feels like an education video for Japanese middle schools. But whereas that stuff is mostly boring, Ikoku and its soothing and sometimes funny atmosphere made me so relax that I was slightly surprised when the episode was over. In that regard Yune is the perfect character for this show because her childish, warm and wide eyed curiosity is well enough to make anyone melt by her cuteness factor.

Although I’m sure that this tone will continue for many episodes to come I’m also pretty sure that there will be some darker stories ahead of Yune. The biggest hint for this possible development are the poor kids which made an appearance last episode and which we also see in this episode. I’m curious when those guys will start to talk to her and introduce us to the darker sides of Paris.

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