Oh My God! Please not another one!

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I’m terribly sorry, but I finally decided to do it…

After months, years, decades of watching anime silently (like a good consumer should do) I now took the step to becoming an anime blogger. I hope this blog will turn out well although I cannot predict the future that precisely. Well, at least I can boast myself to the fact that I know that “Endless Eight” is not an English snack for the rich and that GAR is better than Geass. Or that Slice of Life anime can turn out quite entertaining.

By the way: the name of this blog, anislice, partly stems from that genre name. Moreover, I think it’s a good description of a blog that deals with many but not all anime series that are out there (slicing out parts of the anime world so to speak).

The last few days where quite challenging because I wanted to get this blog running right at the beginning of the new 2011 anime season. Not everything is finished but I hope everything will be set in the few weeks.

Well, let’s get rolling…

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